Today, pasta is a well-known Italian food. Pasta is synonymous to Italian food all over the globe. Pasta is simple to prepare and store making it an international symbol for Italian food. In different countries, people also enjoy pizza and tomato sauce. But pasta’s history goes back much further than pizza, tomato sauce, or other Italian foods.

Legend has it, Marco Polo brought pasta to the Italian people. It is thought that he picked it up during his many travels. However, history shows that pasta was well-known in his day. Pasta has a long history that goes back to before Marco Polo. Pasta has been considered a popular Italian food since the eighth-century. It was during this period that the Arab invasion had a major impact on Italian cuisine. It is believed that the Italian-Arabic combination was what gave rise to pasta.

The pasta was first made with wheat, a widely available ingredient in Italy. Pasta was widely distributed throughout Italy by the time it reached 1300. Because of its high nutrition content, long shelf life and popularity, pasta was highly loved by the people. The same reasons made it a popular choice for long-distance ship journeys. It was quickly popularized all over the world and became one of the most beloved Italian foods. This recipe was vastly improved by then and various shapes and sizes were created. The development of new techniques for making pasta at a higher efficiency and at a faster pace has made it an integral part every Italian’s everyday life.

1839 marked the beginning of a new era in pasta. The tomato had already been discovered in America by that time and the rest was still trying to catch up with this remarkable fruit. Although it was poisonous, many Europeans avoided it. It took some time for people in Europe to accept the tomato. But once they did, the tomato became an important ingredient of pasta’s recipe. Tomato sauce is an integral part of making pasta today.

The high volume of pasta being sold in Italy is evidence enough that it has become an integral part of the Italian diet. The Italians consume three times as many pastas per year than the Americans. Each year, an average Italian eats 60 pounds of pasta. It is because of this, that pasta is so synonymous with Italian food. Italy imports large quantities of wheat to supply the high demand. Even though pasta can be made in large quantities, the best quality pasta is still produced in Italy. American Italian cuisine uses inferior quality pasta. Most Italians prepare pasta in the same way that it has for years. They use the same recipes that were passed down from fathers to daughters and mothers to their children. You can only enjoy the best pasta if you travel to Italy.